Your Feet Will Love Your Footwear

It’s easy to adore those snazzy shoes and get jealous of men and women gliding along in the quirkiest of footwear with so much élan. But do you even realize that walking in those swanky shoes is often a hard row to hoe?

If you are among those who easily give up wearing shoes that offer comfort for the sake of those pairs that offer glamorous appeal, you must know that you are landing into the world full of pains. Take it as the last warning and read on to help yourself get into the world of comfort and style.

Revolutionizing the shoe industry with unique shoe designs, the wide range of footwear launched by Scholl have been acknowledged in transforming the painful relationship of feet and shoes. Scholl has put to use science, technology, comfort and performance to bring forth products that promote comfort and well-being of people through their feet. We know it looks magic as no other brand in world talks about it therefore here we show buying a Dr. Scholl shoe can be a best decision of your life.

Apprise yourself of the USP of Dr. Scholl’s range of footwear:

Inbuilt technology for extra comfort: It’s nothing better than buying a shoe that reduce fatigue and relaxes the feet. Scholl footwear is constructed with technology evolved with research of over 100 years to make them as comfortable as it can get. Functional and fashionable these shoes are uniquely designed incorporating comfort and support to posture.


Contoured Heel Cup for Heel support: Getting a perfect size shoe never heals the pain you feel all day along until it has a perfect heel support. Wearing shoe with normal heel support system often lead to pain and continuous use may lead to severe problems. Undermining this concern, Scholl has constructed their every footwear with contoured heel cup to ensure proper heel support. Shock absorbing with all day cushioning this heel support will help healing and preventing your heel pain.

Arch support with ribs: Giving your feet a much needed massage while walking is not a thing of your imagination. Dr. Scholl footwear is designed with ‘arch support ribs’ that provide gentle massage and supports while your walk to relief the arch pain. Normally most of us don’t know that how our regular day shoes can lead to deterioration of arch resulting in flat foot. Without properly supported arches, simple movement can pull your body out of alignment and cause stress, strain and fatigue to your lower body.

Ribbed foot bed: Packing your feet in shoes often tends to block the much required circulation of blood. The chocked environment and no circulation of air is the inception of fatigue in your feet.  You can say such foot bed indirectly offers acupressure therapy to your foot while you walk and relaxes the feel by enhancing the circulation.

So, next time you head to a footwear store, remember to buy a pair that pampers your foot with style and comfort mutually.

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