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Women’s love for shoes is not a hidden story at all. They are fond of wearing different varieties for different occasions regardless of their age. The preferences and choices might differ but the fact is that they are in awe of the shoes. The footwear designers have rightly caught the needs and desires of every woman and have brought together the biggest assortment of footwear in different styles.

Here at Bata online website (https://www.bata.lk/ ), shoes for women are available in a great variety that can be worn with different outfits for different occasions. Women shoes can be broadly categories as open sandals, closed sandals, pumps, stilettos, gladiators, ballerinas, sneakers and shoes (laces and without laces).  One can pick shoes that fit her personality and match well with her outfits.

Well, footwear is an asset that one can’t do without. Even while relaxing at home, frolicking in the park, strolling to nearby market or attending special occasions and parties, women can’t ignore their shoes but sing the glories of the eternal footwear story. From a decent pair of slippers, bold and colorful flip-flops to heels and comfortable pair of shoes, every pair is a must-have in any woman’s wardrobe.

The buying pattern of every woman varies on the basis of her personal choice and preference, but mainly a woman shops for footwear on the basis of these four primary factors:

Her comfort quotient:If comfort and convenience is the only thing in mind then women look for the conventional footwear that pampers their feet to the fullest. Women under this category often pick flats with padded insoles, wedge heels, booties, health footwear (mainly from Dr. Scholl brand). They don’t go for the bold collection and usually do not prefer to go by the trend. If their feet are happy, they are happy!

Her style stature:These type of women love to stay abreast with the trend and want their foot to try everything in the best possible way. They team their footwear with the type of outfit they chose for themselves and always crave for a coordinated look from top to toe. If wearing saree, they’ll prefer stilettos or footwear with kitten heels; if wearing coats and long skirts, they wear booties; if wearing a flowy floral dress, they prefer to wear ballerinas and the list goes endless.  Well, such ladies share a great mutual chemistry with footwear designers, we must say!

Her status symbol:This category is dedicated to those swanky figures who never compromise on their status be it outfits or footwear. They pick the classiest of fabrics, dresses and footwear without a miss. They know how to carry themselves in a formal dinner, what to wear with a saree and how to flaunt their professional look with all the elan. They don’t go by the trend but define the trend and love to stand in the queue of trendsetters.

Her health factor:For them their foot health matters a lot. They think of the well-being of their feet and hence pick foot care footwear for themselves for almost every occasion. Actually, they don’t believe in the theory of mix and match. They believe in wearing any footwear keeps their feet healthy. The best footwear for them is the one with contoured heel cup, ribbed foot bed, arch support and technology that enables extra-comfort

Now it’s you who can decide which category you belong to. The good news is that whatever category you belong to, Bata online website (www.bata.lk) comprises of footwear for one and all.

Fall in love with women footwear at Bata Sri lanka website

You can pick for women shoes in your favorite style and perfect size from our online website. We do not boast at all but the fact is that your shopping experience with us will be mesmerizing. All you need to do is click on the footwear you like for yourself, add to your cart, select the payment mode (you can also avail cash on delivery option), get the shoe delivered to you at your doorstep, try it, check it and if it suits you then keep it with you otherwise you can always get it returned with all your money refunded. Way too easy? Get started.

You can purchase for footwear from all the Bata brands including Marie Claire, Dr. Scholl, Naturalizer, Comfit and more.  You can get more benefits including free shipping, click n’ collect to make your shopping experience even more overwhelming at https://www.bata.lk/.